Great! You’re actually exploring the site, which means you understand how much fun it is to explore and travel. In order to satisfy my desire to explore I’ve listed some of the places around the world that I’ve yet to explore. I’m offering to document your wedding, elopement, anniversary or formal at a special rate. Pop me an email and let’s start chatting!


If you’re getting married, these are the requirements:
– must be super stoked about life


New Zealand
Scottish Highlands
New York City


If you’re planning something adventurous and spontaneous but not in any of the places above, get in touch anyway! My life goal is to explore as much of this beautiful Earth as I can and if I get to photograph your love at the same time then even better!

If you haven’t heard yet then I think you’ll also be pleased to find out that I don’t charge any travel fees when shooting weddings anywhere in South Africa. Whether you’re getting married in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, KZN highlands or some remote village, I’ll be there at no additional cost to you. Now isn’t that just wonderful?